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Introduction: Knex Sub Machine Gun ''p90''

About: i like to make knex guns and to play on my xbox 360 and i really like to dance (breakdance)

this is my knex p90 it has a mag that can be hold 12 yellow rods
with special thanks to knex id cool

Step 1: This Is the Back Side

first you gona make the back side of the gun
the first plates are A and E
the second plates are B and D
the last plate is C

Step 2: Make the Grip

now you gona make the grip

Step 3: Make the Handle

now you gona make the handle

Step 4: Make the Loader

now you gona make the loader

Step 5: Make the Trigger

now you gona make the trigger

Step 6: Make the Barrel and the Mag

now you gona make the barrel and the mag

Step 7: Make the Rest of the Gun

now you gona make the last part of the gun



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    does it really act like a sub machine gun?

    +1 not a good replica of a real P90, should be about half the size so maybe try and slim down the mech a bit yeah?

    no, it's not. It's only about 50 centimeter long

    EVERYBODY..................TYPE IN MP40 STOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If you like it so much, design it yourself as our pathetic little brains obviously cannot measure up to your obviously superior intellect.

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    Just plz tell me what mechanism type it is.

    Ugh, yes I am... I really want to know.

    Grr... why won't you tell me?!

    Fine, I'll ask someone else. >:(

    Did you ever consider reading the Instructable do determine the action?

    Yes. It dosen't say.

    If the Instructable Doesn't say you can typically assume it is "standard" action.

    Full auto :D ? Semi auto :) ? Ram rod >:( ?

    nice gun but trigger is really bad isnt?