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Introduction: Knex Assault Rifle the G36c

About: i like to make knex guns and to play on my xbox 360 and i really like to dance (breakdance)

this is my knex assault rifle the g36c
it is a bolt action and shoots blue rods bottom loaded
looks very well
look at the part list befor you gona make the knex g36c

don't forget to rate and please post a comment if you want to know something
and if you got a picture of a good looking gun that you want in knex post it in a comment in my new forum topic and I look if I build it

Step 1: The Stock

make the stock
the two white 8 connectors must be on the first and last plate

Step 2: The Handle and Trigger

make the handle and trigger

Step 3: Make the Barrel and the Mag

now you gona make the barrel and the mag
the mag is bottom loaded

Step 4: Make the Body

now you gona make the body

Step 5: Put It All Together

now you put all the steps together



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    Looks pretty good but the main section and the stock is WAY to big.

    That is the best knex gun I have seen

    this is 5* no matter what

    WTF that is on my list of "best knex guns ever"!

    Why do ALL your good guns use 200 green rods?!


    Ahhhh!!!!! sacrafice another piece to the knex god! Before you know it, my pieces will be gone!!!!!!

    3 replies

    just use a ball joint. the bit that looks like the the y connector but bigger and better

    y does every body care about some broken pieces
    i m not trying to be mean or anything but its just 1 peice plus its worthit for such a great gun

    nice gun dutch as always

    actualy ten broken pieces. 5 whites and 5 ray conectors. a lot of people already barely have enough pieces to make this gun and i dont think they want to waste more.

    Even though you have to break pieces it's still a great gun dutchwarlord

    You mean broken *gray* (not ray) connector.

    at least he put the time into building such a master piece
    y dont u focus on building the gun instead of commenting on the handwritting

    Deze is echt facking cool.
    En eindelijk iemand die een lijst met stukjes heeft.
    En wat bedoel je eigenlijk met: broken ray conector