Step 2: Magazine

1:build this 2x
2:make this
3:make this
5:attach the other side
<p>probably gonna mod this to give it like a pin guide or something like that</p>
Is this semi auto
i shot it and the power was not good
Was it semi auto?
on step 7 looking forward to shoot it
little bit harder to build than i expected but well worth it
really hard to attach but got it. wont break.
reealy gd this pic looks like a shotgun spas12 (pic 6)<br>
is there another mag that can go in it?
This gun always jams up. Also, the butt is very flimsy. I wasted 2 hours for nothing.
nice gun
no offence <br>
pros <br>looks good, detachable clip-nice system, btw, comfy stock <br>cons <br>jams, crap power, crap trigger
this looks like the nerf stampede ecs
a making it now<br /> <br /> ill put a pic of it wen im done<br />
i built that ages ago
iz it ok if i modifie the stock a bit?
this isthe best looking gun i hav ever made<br />
&nbsp;thanks! pls sub and rate
hi i was just wonderin what the ammo is????? please reply soon<br />
&nbsp;grey connectors<br /> <br />
<p>Look's very good, reminds me of the german mp40 from cod waw and it looks quite powerful to.</p>
looks good!
you should make the stock stronger<br />

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