my new knex assault rifle.
the mag was based on  big z mag 
post please<br>
post it plzzzz.. its pretty good...
nice gun i made it and it was great!
thanks! i've made another gun with removable mags, and alot more power. i'm maybe gonna post it.<br>
oh wait<br /> <br /> U HAVE lolz<br />
Get lost<br><br>That was 5 months ago<br><br>Catch up
PLZ POST IT<br /> <br /> I SUBBED A WHILE BACK AND 5*<br /> <br /> plz!<br /> <br /> <em>P0$T</em><br />
TOAST!<br />
<p>Cool, but a few suggestions:<br /> <br /> mod it to shoot blue or yellow rods so you can have&nbsp; an internal pusher<br /> fill in the stock with more connectors, and you'll be set to.....</p> <p><em><strong>P0$T!</strong></em><br /> &nbsp;</p>
&nbsp;i will try<br /> <br /> <br />
I can't wait!
i spent a day on it but i fail every time<br /> so i post it with the normal mag
i like it!
&nbsp;the stock is redone now it's a bit stronger
<p>It looks great, you should try modding it to shoot blue rods, that way you can have an internal mag pusher, and you don't have a big rod sticking out of the bottom of the mag.</p> <p>But the stock looks flimsy, is it?<br /> How far does it shoot?<br /> <br /> 4 Stars, very good.</p>

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