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Introduction: Knex Assualt Rifle

this is a single shot assualt rifle with a true trigger(tomboyrme) scope and its silent.

Step 1: Barrel

make 10 of these with blue rods but make 3 with yellow then connect six with blue rods toget her then one with a yellow rod then one with blue two with yellow and three with blue.

bbbbbbybyybbb thats the order

Step 2: The Stock/butt

make this

Step 3: Handle

just make from the pics

Step 4: Just Some Part

just make from the photo

Step 5: The Elastic Holder Thingy/front Handle

just add the red rods and orange connecters and other handle

Step 6: Trigger

this is the true trigger, its not my idea its tomboyrmes

Step 7: Scope

just make from the pictures. and the scope is just for looks dont accually use it to aim cuze youll end up breakin something

Step 8: Putting It Together

just look at the pics

Step 9: Loading and Firing

just snap a bullet into the yellow rod of the trigger (the bullets are 2 yellow conectors conected by a whit rod) then attach the rubberband as shown then just pull the trigger back, the other pics are of the ammo stored in the bcak of the gun (holds 4)



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    i like how the handle has finger holds

    You can't have a single shot assault rifle. Also, it is hard to make a knex gun that is not 'silent'.

    4 replies

    actually its kinda difficult to make one that IS silent try building some good guns then you'll see

    any with a pin are not silent.

    I know, but this achieves it by using a crossbow-like mechanism, not silencing the pin (muffling the noise of the pin hitting the outside of the barrel wit elastic bands etc.)

    Exactly what I was thinking.

    i built and tried this gun several times, it used up all of my yellow connectors, and it fired a maximum of 5-6 feet. Did I build it wrong or does it just have bad range?

    3 replies

    I can relate, I cant even build half the guns i want to because I dont have enough peicesand half the ones I can make suk

    is this even needed?

    love the gun Btw 5/5 faved

    better instructions plox?

    hey k-man101 are u from ontario???


    mmm... the bullets are not good , put an orange connector on the white rod , the a rod on that is gd though, its a shame its only single shot


    i love the handle.

    acully this gun is all my design but the trigger

    1 reply

    are you talking to yourself? I would build this if it had a magazine

    ur elastic must have been to big

    i was wondering when someone would come up with this stock design