I saw a picture of the fallout 3's auto axe on knex innovation someone had an idea to build it but I tried it and this is what came out of it

I wont be making Instructable because it dismantled but should be able to make it from pictures there is quiet alot of pieces in it

pic 1 the real one
pic 2 side
pic 3 internals
pic 4 other side
pic 5 front handle battery box and control
pic 6 front looks beafy
pic 7 bottom of the internals
pic 8 main blade
pic 9 small blade which goes onto of big blade
I played FO3 and FO-New Vegas but I didnt see this weapon, which one is it from?
It is from a fallout 3 DLC
it doesn't look much like the real thing, but the gear thing is pretty cool. I'd use it for something else, like a superfast car. my brother once geared a motor down so much, that if you put your finger in the wrong place it could get crushed. it hurts pretty bad.
yeah i'd say but you cant do much with knex anyways
dude what the hell are you talking about you cant do much with k'nex u can do like almost anything with the stuff, obviously some one have been living under a rock<br />
i 2 that
it's only as useful as the person's mind creating. if you're not really used to them, they aren't that useful. but I've used them since I&nbsp;was seven, so I can think of pretty clever workarounds for common knex problems. (I once built a guitar stand out of them that actually held up quite well until we needed it for peices.)<br />
um.... I've built a table that supported a mini fridge. my brother made a nightstand that he used for about two years. I've made cable organizers for my computer. I've made pick holders for my guitar. I made a pulley so I could redirect a string used for turning on a light. I made a foam cup dispenser that has turned out to be intensely useful. and the list goes on and on.
wow that sounds awsome i meant i cant do much with knex its just not me
cool thanks
nice can you make instructions? reply!
Good Job!
lol mechanical advantage, good work :P
Looks pretty good. Do you think you could make the handle a little bit more like the one in the game. The one in the game is straight, but yours goes down a little. 4*. 5* if you redo the handle.<br/>
thanks ive already scraped it to start on the tournement (t.n.k.i.t) vehicles ive made a quad but dont know if its good enough im not that good at vehicles
awesome, if i allowed melee weapons in knex wars i host, or if i had a large yellow gear, i'd build 4*
thanks you can get them cheap on ebay and stuff like that
doesnt look like the auto axe.
It's still pretty cool.
thanks I was starting with making it the same but couldn't so I guess its more an inspiration
i no not exact but its ok

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