Knex Awsome Gun!!!





Introduction: Knex Awsome Gun!!!

this gun is easy to make but you need alot of white snowflake pieces and orange connector pieces.

Step 1: Barrel

After youve put on 11 white pieces on the grey rod you should attach the orange piece through its hole in the middle everything else is easy.

Step 2: Handle

This piece is OPTIONAL but it makes it alot easier to shoot so i reccomend making it.

Step 3: Fring Pin

this pice is crutial to shoot the gun. after you put the orange piece on the green or red piece tape it os when you shoot the orange piece will come off and hit you in the stomach and it hurts... trust me i know....

Step 4: Bullet

You need to build this or else there is no point of the gun....

Step 5: Put the Gun Together

Put the firing pin in the white end of the barrel. Put the handle on the bottom of the barrel. Put two thick rubber bands on the gun from the half circle piece back to the end of the firing pin.

Step 6: Shoot the Gun

[[Video(c:documents and settingsjohanssonmypicturespicture, {width:425, height:350})]]

Step 7: Block Trigger

what is the big deal about a block trigger so please dont post about block trigger (=



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Questions & Answers


omfg who cares about a darn block trigger omfg omfg omfg omfg omfg

why? because there are already at least 130 on the site, and we are SICK of them...

yes, we are so sick of them that it's begining to become, like, SO painful when someone posts a block trigger and is like "oh, my gun is SO cool! It's exactly like the gun that someone else posted YESTERDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

true expression. I really am very sick of lame-o block triggers and I think they should be banned

I don't. I'm fine with block triggers. They are simple, usually easy to make, and are quite powerful if you have enough rubber bands.

this person MUST be L_am_Canadian!

L_am_Canadian posted this exact same ible, but he might have stolen the pics.