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Introduction: Knex Axe

About: I make youtube videos now and i don't make instructables at all anymore. I've been into RC for over 4 years now and have had a stampede vxl, E-Revo, savage flux 2350, savage xs, tamiya cc01, scx10's, a wrait...

this my knex axe that i made. it works pretty well, although it is not used for hitting. its used for knex suits or having fun. hope you enjoy it. (next step) ------>

Step 1: Handle

the handle should be easy to build.

Step 2: Axe Part and Assembly

the axe shouldn't be difficult for people who are not dumb. pic 3 is different from pic 2.

Step 3:

Hope you like it!



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    SUBSCRIBED it looks like u modded mine alittle... MINE WAS TOTAL CRAP, comment if u agree

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    its actually not copied. its all mine. i didn't get any ideas from anybody.(this was actually built last year)

    looks like xu huang axe from dynasty warriors