Knex Baja





Introduction: Knex Baja

the long awaited knex baja with spring loaded suspension and large monster mudder tires

Step 1: Suspension

build all of these individual partsx2 then proceed to step to for assembly

Step 2: Susp. Cont.

how to assemble the suspension(this is the same on the front and back).

Step 3: Interior

how to build the seats and frame

Step 4: Connecting the Frame and Suspension

Step 5: Side Panels

build this and a mirror version

connect the panels to the black connectors on the frame

put blue rods on seats through the side of the side panel

Step 6: Hood

Step 7: Brush Gaurd

Step 8: Roof

Step 9: At Door

Step 10: And Your Done If You Have Any Concerns With the Model Send Me an Email at



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    is it me or are the wheels a tad small

    I got mine from my brothers rc monster truck

    i took mine off an rc monster truck too.

    Same here. It's a big like 1/8 scale grave digger right?

    i got mine from those stupid school agendas, i cut out the binding (it was the spring) and put it on a rod.

    anyone interested in a solid axle rock crawler with power? could be improved on but if theres interest ill post pocks and stuff up

    this is a sweet truck and thanks for posting, but alot of people dont have the springs.

    Thank's for taking the time to make this instructable.

    3.5* just lots of people dont have the spring

    I wonder whats with all the cars from people not entered in TNKIT