Picture of k'nex ball machine 2011 'electric city'
here is a link to my video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PYV6TPpSQgQ  sorry about the bad videoing please rate subscribe.........
for this years ball machine official video click here
Alocke2 years ago
I like the ball machine! My biggest recommendation would be to use still shots. When you follow the ball, it gets reallllly blurry and impossible to see anything! Still shots take a lot longer to film, but you don't need a good camera to make them look great. Basically film just one spot, then film the next spot, then the next, etc. Any editing program will let you cut out empty spots, and you can put the clips together to get a much better effect!

Good luck on your next project :)
www139 (author)  Alocke10 months ago

Yeah. We weren't very good at filming then. Also, we weren't planning on filming it then, and it was taken down a little bit later without leaving enough time to do a vid. Sorry about it though! Thanks, and you too (with your next project!)! (sorry for the late reply)

www139 (author) 2 years ago
sorry about the blurry video We (Weston and I) were not very good back then glad you liked it also this years ball machine is finished I'm working on putting it online right now however we made a ball machine preview for this years ball machine 2012 you can get a link by going to my instructables and clicking on the one that says "k'nex ball machine preview with link to video" THANKS FOR WATCHING!

Sorunome2 years ago
looking nice! :D
www139 (author)  Sorunome2 years ago