these are photos and the video from my last knex project called flashback.
most of the pictures were taken before completing.
last photo is flashbach without elements.
read description at youtube.
camera: ipod 4
T h a n x ... &•}
nice ball machine but why is it your last project?
I meant it is my newest. I already have plans for another
now I get it<br>
Nice job! I love how you used the inside of the ring lift.
Thanx , that's why i used it :^&gt;
Thats awesome!! I dont have enough pieces to build something like that =D
Doesn't matter. my first one had only about 500 pieces and no lift. Just try :-)
Thanks! =D Would it be alright if i took some design ideas from your work?
yes, use all elements and stuff you want.<br>i'm gonna make an instructable for how to built them &amp;&gt;)
Thanks! =D
it's down now!!!!!!!!
AWSOME! Is there a vid of it?
Yes watch http://m.youtube.com/?rdm=4mr2f3p3l#/watch?v=wbBU7a5ox6U<br>I'll post a link in the elements instructable
link doesn't work... :S
Ok then you need to go to youtube and type 95martb or just flashback knex ball machine.
found it! for all: this url: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wbBU7a5ox6U
Ok thanks for the link (of my own video) &beta;&middot;ل
hehe, yeah :)
now i posted the complete video! [:0
cool! :)
now i posted the complete video! [:0
Think it doesn't because it's copy-pasted by my ipod and it refers to youtube's mobile site. Maybe it wprks without m. Before youtube.
How's catastropha?
Ok, I need more parts
what did i wrong with the video?
i already know =}
Sweet. 5*s. You make great ball machines.
Thank you!
no probzz
Gosh, better than I could ever do!
Great job!
It almost looked like an elephant at first...that is beast, dude.
Thats epic man =D 5*
Thanks man! Watch the video at youtube
I seen it, its epic! did you see my new ball machine?
Yes looks good!
thanks! ill be making another ball machine soon =D
Nice one =D 5*

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