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Introduction: Knex Ball Machine Big Arm Lift

This is a instructable on how to build a big arm lift. I based this idea on Shadowman39's Wipe Out lift element. This element is big, about 5 feet tall. It takes a lot of peices. But when its done, it's worth it. Good luck :)

Step 1: The Bottom Half of the Frame Part 1

This is the bottom half of the frame, were the ball will enter.

Step 2: The Bottome Half of the Frame Part 2

This is the other side. It should be the same height as the first side.

Step 3: The Half of the Frame Part 3

this is the last part of the bottom half. dont worry, the top half only has 2 parts.

Step 4: The Top Half of the Frame Part 1

This is the easier side of the top par to fthe frame.

Step 5: The Top Half of the Frame Part 2

This is were the ball will get  of. and you also have to make the other doo-hickey thingy in this part, the other photos show it. Then you connect them. sry for the confusion of the one connection, i forgot to take a photo of that connection.

Step 6: First Part of Motor and Gears

Due to the size, length, and weight, your going to want to slow your motor down a couple of times, as shown. This step does that. The red gears will conect later. connect it to the top of the base part 2

Step 7: Second Part of Motor and Gears

add the chain. it is excatly 75 links.

Step 8: The Big Arm, the Frame

The frame of the "piece de resistance," as well as the gears to get this behemoth movin'.

Step 9: The Big Arm, the Buckets

This part is finicky and tight, the hardest part to build.

Build 2!

Step 10: The Arc

this is were the ball will rest while it waits for the bucket to scoop it up.

Step 11: Putting It All Together

Now that you have built everything, let's put it all together!

Step 12: Congrats!

You have now completed the big arm lift. Due to complexity and prximity of peices, it may not work right away, and may involve some adjusting. I apalogise for this, but their is nothing that can be done. Anyway, this is my first instructable, please comment! ;)

Trouble shooting:
   1.  try adjusting the track that the ball is swept of form so that it in line with the buckets that grab it.
   2.  Try adjusting the yellow rods on the bucket. They should be at the point were the ball will not fall of intill it is almost completly veritcal.
    3.  if the arm looks crooked, check to see that all the connections are completly in and that all the 3-d connectors are completly snaped together
   4.  maybe the top is on backwards.

   5.  maybe the arm is going the wrong way. make sure that the arm is pushing the ball toward the high part of the arc.



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    are they micro chain links or just regular


    ive finished making it
    i had to mod the bottom part a bit but then it was fine.
    the only problem was the ball receiver et the top which i'm still trying to modify so it catches the ball
    anyway 5*

    thanks :p ya, the ball receiver is definetly the most finicky part


    howhigh do you go with this

    bout 5 1/2 feet

    thank you for help. And i have to say your creation is amazing :-]

    thx, but the origianl idea is shadowmans39' s, i just improved it a bit. He featured in his wipe out ball machine