got done with the 3rd path im starting to run low on some stuff
hope u like it
Does it work? <br>
it did but its gone now
cool! <br>
Try using more elements and invent some of your own. That will crank the popularity up quite a bit.
sounds easy but not when i am still wondering if i will have enough pieces
Get a job earn money and use it all on knex for your nefarious needs.
i have a job but my parents dont buy anything off the internet so i cant get knex without getting ripped off so yeah
I'm sure there are toy stores somewhere near you.
yeah but they are the biggest rip off ever 40$ for like 200 pieces and 300 micro pieces its call a 500 piece VALUE tub
Get coasters then. They are a pretty good value.
no they are all in micro knex
What about Loopin' Lightning and dragon's drop. They are mostly big knex.
they arent at any stores around here
too bad. :-(
ik tell me about it
Thats what he means by getting ripped off. you pay 40+ dollars for 400 pieces when you can get 4000 on the Internet for the same amount.
LOL I think 4000 is a bit of an exaggeration.
3000 is probably closer.
you got that right. I really hope you can get deals like that in Australia.
Looks good! you might want to support the track a bit more though, it seems a bit saggy.
why i dont wanna until i am finished
Yah, but something this big you still should give the odd video.
but its not like many people are anticipating it or anything so i dont think i will
Its not like any people? With all your 16 updates, I'm pretty sure quite a few people are waiting to see how it turns out.
idk we'll see
-a video?
nice i cant wait to see the finished articale
still good work
Awsome, keep up the good wok. 5* (as with most things I rate :D)
it just keeps gettin better! lol

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