Knex Ball Machine Nemesis





Introduction: Knex Ball Machine Nemesis

this is my first knex ball machine. It has 7 paths. I'm going to make instructions of the lift.



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    Very nice! I love that spiral track! I had a similar concept I was going to use on my next one. Over all very nice! One thing. When you make roller coaster track, you can make it lookk better and stronger if you layer your flexirods.

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    Thanks! I liked that track too and yes i know that it wasn't verry stable but it i hadn't enough flexis anymore. xp But now I've bought much more knex (I think I can build now two of these) and the rollercoastertrack is now much more stable you will see it soon I just need to make three more tracks. :D

    Sounds cool but are you talking about a new ball machine or are you just adding on to this one.

    I'm talking about a new ball machine and it's going to be much better than this one so be ready to see something amazing pretty soon. ;p

    that was just the construction data of the movie player :/ It is unusable unless I have all the other vids that belong to it in the correct folder. But maybe you could please convert it in .avi or .wmv. thanks! :)

    can you maybe zip it so its less? and if it to much then zip the zip. That should work. :)

    thanks but my youtube is the dutch youtube and than is there no 'embed' button but an 'insluiten' button. XD