Knex Ball Machine Project 4





Introduction: Knex Ball Machine Project 4

project 4 is done and now you can build it!!
it has no piece count but i believe everybody can build it
it has only 1 path.

(sorry for my bad english i'm from holland)

Step 1: The Base

build this after that proceed to the next step

Step 2: The Thing I Cannot Name

build this than proceed to the next step

Step 3: The Foot and the Lift System + Motor Attachement

build this than proceed to the next step

Step 4: The 2th Tower

build this

Step 5: The First Tower

build this

Step 6: Attach the First Tower

title says all

Step 7: The First Part of the Path

be carefull with the yellow size flixe rod

Step 8: The End of the 2th Tower + the 2th Part of the Path

Step 9: The Third Part of the Path + Tower Support

bbuuiilldd tthhiiss

Step 10: The Chain + How to Use It

add 52 chain and add 4 ball pickups on it

put 3 big air ball tower balls,loopin lizard balls or motorized madness balls(original knex balls work too but the other balls work better)
turn the motor to the left and it is done
have any questions? feel free to ask them



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    can you add the parts list because i dont have that much little green rods and also what are the y clips

    built it and it is awesome

    by the way its 2nd rather than 2th

    sorry i didnt see Flannel UK's comment cos i actually posted this on another page

    no but I am thinking about it

    soz no im working on another ball machine thats going really well

    cooll i just finished project 5 but it's too big and cool for instructions