Knex Barrett 50 Cal





Introduction: Knex Barrett 50 Cal

fast reload
cool look
20-30 bullet magezine
good scope view

the bullet may get blocked by the barrel

(it is a strong gun so u can put many rubburbands on it !but! the pin itself wont be able to hold it)
max. range like 50 ft?

accuratie: 20-30ft
i'm not able to make instructables couse i broke down the gun*

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    the barrett is a bullpup, this has a magazine in front of the trigger.

    Depends on which one you mean. There is no weapon called Barrett, for Barrett is only the manafacturer; there is no weapon called 50 cal, for 50 cal BMG is the cartridge. The M82\M107 is probably the rifle you mean, with the M82A2\XM500 being the (pretty unpractical) bullpup version.

    who cares just look at it its awesome. I play call of duty, and this looks like what CoD Ghosts calls a Barrett .50 cal (remote sniper).

    i was wrong, i didn't know about the different versions then

    no, the barett m-90 is a bullpup version of this gun. therefore, it is clearly NOT based off of the m-90 or it would be bullpup.

    I didn't know that back then. I now know this is a model of an M-82.

    the barret 50 call isnt a bulpup

    i have a picture of a barrett .50 cal bullpup but i don't know how to post the pic.

    there are several versions of the barret 50call
    this is the non-bullpup
    look at the slideshow picture showing a real barret 50call