Knex Battle Rifle




Introduction: Knex Battle Rifle

this is a cool battle rifle i made, its still being worked on, i may post it, its not for sure, but tell me what you think, please rate and subscribe



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    positions of things ruined it, so i kept it a hinge, but im still working on it

    it looks sick!!!

    I like it too, but you should make it a bit less thick. Like as thick as the SR-V1 or V2, you know?=]

    Its good, but it needs a lot of improvement. I see you are still using hinge triggers. I suggest you make the trigger block behind the handle, it will increase the power by a tonne. Also add a pin guide. With the magazine, use the internal mag pusher from Seleziona's 'Ghost'. The mag release is great, so keep that, and nice job with the angled handle. I suggest you remove either A the trigger guard, or B the handguard. It looks a bit silly with both.