hi this is my new knex bayonet . it took an hour to make including design. if i get enough request to post i will . enjoy.
a bayonet is a gun with a knife on the end, wheres the gun?<br>
it went on my famas
cool bayonet dude plz post more :D
thanks i have but evryone hated it
thanks sorry i was late to reply<br /> &nbsp;oh yheah check out this.<br />
ga ga ola laha
not bad you could have made the pics more clear.
sory taken on a webcam <br />
I'm sorry, but 'neicicary'?&nbsp; Really?&nbsp; I have trouble believing anyone could do that completely accidentally.&nbsp; Surely you realised something was wrong?
your right i di but i did not now how to spell the word and no one else was in my house at the time<br /> <br />
thanks<br /> <br />
no problem!

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