Knex Boat Ride





Introduction: Knex Boat Ride

This is just a ride that I made with knex with no instructions. Its pretty cool I was so bored today so I whent on and built this!

Step 1: Step One

first step

Step 2: Step 2

step 2

Step 3: Step 3

step 3

Step 4: Step 4

step 4

Step 5: Step 5

step 5

Step 6: Step 6

step 6

Step 7: Step 7

step 7



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    You should put a counter weight on this. Then it would go for much longer.

    i am going to try this, but i will add a motor. (great instructible)


    Great job on making this! Is it OK if I use this as a reference for my project? I will give credits, ok? Nala

    use the white/black strong axle

    Im making a new Knex gun it will be my first it will be an old WW2 GUN style it will have a mag and load from the bottom and will have about 6 shots in each mag it will look a bit like other guns but this will be my style say if you whant me to post it it will take about 2 days to make and a week to post.

    oooooooohhhhh.... so that's like one of those ships that swing back and forth? cool first comment p.s. nothing wrong with saying first comment

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    lol... grain of alt.

    This is awesome +1 rating p.s did you get this idea from lagoon?