Introduction: Knex Bolt Action Gun.

This is a semi-auto knex gun with what i think is a new triger mecanisam.

You need lots of rubber bands and a quite a lot of knex.

my one fires 2 dark blue rods at a time even though it only has 1 barrel (i dont know why it does that)

Please feal free to use any ideas from this gun as you like and if i have used any thing from any outher peoples guns (because i have made a lot of instructables) then i thank you very much.

If the triger is not a new design then sorry for saying it is new.

it fires around 20feat, this is the first knex gun i have made without istructions so please do not be harsh with coments.

Step 1: Make Sholder Rest

make 3 of first image(1)then add wight clip and put all 3 together(2)add grey clip(3) sorry this part is not very good. ignore the bits in the background on image 2!

Step 2: Construct Firing Pin

this is an easy one just make it(the long rod is grey not tan).

Step 3: Make Triger, Front Handle and Back Handle .

1.make top.
2.make back handle
3,4.make triger
5.make front handle
6.atach triger to back handle.
7.atach front handle to triger.
8.put top on triger (for this you need to small rubber bands of the same size) also the wight rods are NOT pushed in to the wight clips they are just resting(the rubber bands are to stop it falling of), the yellow note box is just to show where i mean.
9. put rest on back handle (using a dark blue rod and 2 tan clips to hold grey clip(for grey clip see step 1 image 3)).

Back of gun now done!

Step 4: Make Barrle

1. make the 3 bits
2.join like so...
3.make these 3 bits...
4.put them on...

Step 5: Make Auto Load System

1. make 2 side panels and 2 end panels...
2 but actualy seen on pic 3.add them to the barrle
3 but seen in ram and "small thing"
4 seen in pic 3.add ram + 1 rubber band
5 seen in pic 4.add "small thing"

sorry about this one, the images are all mixed up.

Step 6: Make Stand whats in the image, oh and the wight rod nearst the end of the barle (near the amo store needs to be changed to a dark blue rod).
2. make sure you have changed wight rod to dark blue then put the stand on. can fold the stand back if you need to by sliting it in to the "small thing" see image.

Step 7: Put in Firing Pin

1.When you put the pin in lift the ram up or the firing pin will 'BREAK' the ram as you push it through!

Step 8: Put Front on Back

title says it all!

Step 9: Add Rubber Bands

1. if you can not see what to do in image please just coment
2.i have only used 1 rubber band so it is easyer to see but you can add more,(if you add to many it will break the firing pin and you can not put tape on it or the triger will not lock, this is the bigest proble with the gun).

Step 10: Load and Fire!

1. to load lift the ram right out and put 4-8 dark blue rods in(as it fires 2 at a time the amount you put in must be even).
2. to fire you need to pull the triger right back, if the "top" falls of then make the rubber bands stronger or decrease the power of the firing pin (adding more rubber bands to the "top" can make it harder to load).
3.the orange clip of the "top" can stop the orange clip of the firing pin (the one on the end of the dark blue rod) cliping in between the yellow and the green clip, if this happens lift the back of the orange clip of the "top" slightly ang carry on pushing it through.see image 1.
4.look at image 2 to see the triger proply set.


Blackonyx2234 made it!(author)2010-06-06

looks somewhat like a P90

tinyhooman made it!(author)2016-09-21


joeyay made it!(author)2010-03-07

lern too spel plese

stopanator made it!(author)2009-10-02

wow mine shot 4 at once

liamjohnson made it!(author)2009-08-02

nearly ever1 says that there gun is automatic or semi orto but it never is i get really anoid double cheese wacth mi video on youtube its liam the little freak its realy funny

mythbusterma made it!(author)2008-07-06

not to be a piss off or anything but this isnt semi auto......

The+Jamalam made it!(author)2008-08-26

not even bolt action

combatknex made it!(author)2008-03-25

will thegun be able to have a clip that holds yellows or reds like these...

ricky0207 made it!(author)2008-03-26


HaydenPyro made it!(author)2008-01-01

Hey I love your gun, i mad it myself. i have a question though. How do i get it to aim. if i aim at something i miss terribly and i am pretty good at shooting. also, the red/grey/white pieces on the barrel keep exploding off, how do i fix all of this

ultimatesx9 made it!(author)2007-12-01

its White, not wight

jli1 made it!(author)2007-12-13

i was just thinking that...

arch_angel07 made it!(author)2007-03-29

my sniper that combines your strong firing pin and trigger system with the more accurate normal barrel, should i post?

ricky0207 made it!(author)2007-03-30

yes please! it looks cool!

arch_angel07 made it!(author)2007-03-30

ok im working on it, unfortunatly the only camera i have access to is my camera phone so this pictures won't be the greatest.

Mike+Cortes made it!(author)2007-08-10

if thats real wood, nice wall.

arch_angel07 made it!(author)2007-08-10

it's real wood, but it's not wood planks more a big wood panel cut into strips.

Mike+Cortes made it!(author)2007-08-10

same thing.

arch_angel07 made it!(author)2007-03-30

good news the instructable is done here's the link

09+monk made it!(author)2007-06-15

i think ill make it.

altaria1993 made it!(author)2007-04-21

this is a really nice gun, i made it, but i didnt't get it to fire after i fired a few shots, though, those few shots went about 35 ft! alty

ricky0207 made it!(author)2007-04-21

nice, thats same lenth i got it to go.

knex+boy made it!(author)2007-06-09


killerAP made it!(author)2007-04-26

aint this the archangel sniper which SUKS???

ricky0207 made it!(author)2007-04-27

archanagels sniper is based on mine, not the outher way round (so his probly will be better than myn).

knex+hater+hater made it!(author)2007-04-22

hmm. its a good gun but its not sturdy in the front. the ram keeps on falling out and the bullets do to. ive made this and it keeps on breaking on me. help?

kickback made it!(author)2007-04-14

actually, its not semi-auto or bolt-action. bolt action has the thing on the side that you pull and it pulls the firing pin back and also loads the bullet into the chamber.

ricky0207 made it!(author)2007-04-15

then what is it???

thingygoboom made it!(author)2007-04-20

Pretty awesome. That's what it is.

lord+shadow made it!(author)2007-04-20

i've made a few mods but they don't work well with your trigger system and i think its too fiddly to keep trying to adjust it to each upgrade does anyone have any simpler ones that work on this gun? p.s atm my gun shoots 4 bullets at a time (and occasionally the firing pin)(tryin to fix) takes 3 mins to fully load properly(tryin to fix aswell) holds 4 rounds(same as this 1) and shoots about 50 ft

Flie-Ing+GOOse made it!(author)2007-04-13

awsome good work

Wolfie42 made it!(author)2007-04-09

i just put a small green rod in evry open hole on the yellor connecter and that seened to stop it snappeing for me :) nice gun but the auto loader is annoying beacuse you have to lift it up befor you pull back hte fireing pin...

oodalumps made it!(author)2007-03-16

It's not semi-auto...

Juls made it!(author)2007-03-17

Yeh i hate how many people say "automatic" or "semiauto" when it obviosly not, its just that i look thru all the guns and i keep getin dissapointed

ricky0207 made it!(author)2007-03-18

if you REALY REALY want to know, i do have a proper semi auto, but it only has 4 shots (1 every time you pull triger), after 4 shots you reload the barrles. needs this bit, i dont think meny people have it but if you do, say.

assasin made it!(author)2007-04-01


ricky0207 made it!(author)2007-04-02

sorry, it kind of didnt work

knexbldr888 made it!(author)2007-04-05

i built this gun and it's pretty cool it is weird how it shoots two shots at once.

ricky0207 made it!(author)2007-03-17

good point

Knex+Rules made it!(author)2007-03-20

I made this gun, didnt like it and then modified it, it now can shoot up to 30 foot and the clip never breaks. Gr8 work tho

ricky0207 made it!(author)2007-03-23

can you post the upgrades?

Knex+Rules made it!(author)2007-03-23

Sorry i destroyed it cos when i fired it it dented my wall and my mum went crazy

ricky0207 made it!(author)2007-03-23


Choose+a+Username made it!(author)2007-03-23

I like the fack that the stack can fold in, because it got kinda annoying

dartman made it!(author)2007-03-18

i like this gun, compact, simple, kinda like a scaled down version of fausts ast rifle. i havent built it yet but when i do ill post sum mods

altaria1993 made it!(author)2007-03-06

doesnt really work, hte loaders keot jamming, so i made a one by one loading and it still didnt work, so i de-constructed it :( alty

evilboy9494 made it!(author)2007-03-05

try replacing the red rods with gray rods.

crestind made it!(author)2007-02-21

A solid design, but you should redesign the area where the firing pin hits the frame. The current design seems that it will quickly snap the yellow piece.

ricky0207 made it!(author)2007-02-23

ye, i will try something to stop that.

crestind made it!(author)2007-02-24

Perhaps a rubber band "cushion" that can be looped to stop the piece? This gun is working quite well! It's more reliable than my AST rifle.

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