Knex Bolt Action, Shell Ejecting Rifle




Introduction: Knex Bolt Action, Shell Ejecting Rifle

About: Hey there. I won't add too much info here, as it'll show up as one big paragraph.

Hello everybody! I recently made this rifle, and i wanted to show i you all. It's not the best looking rifle ever, but i like. To make it not completely suck, i added a shell ejecting mech. It ejects real gun shells, and i think thats pretty cool. Ok, enough talked, now onto the guns stats:

- ejects shells
- comfy stock
- comfy handle
- bolt action
- dust cover

- kinda ugly
- last shell sometimes pretty hard to eject



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    :), it;s now changed back to narmal

    ?, at first there realy stood hello, i change it now

    So you'd have to buy ammunition(illegal for most people using this site), break it open or fire it, cut the end off and...wat

    also, I have a feeling this is not actually bolt action...

    3 replies

    1: no, my uncle is a hunter. So he already used this shells and gave them to me for some reason.

    2: well, if you pull the bolt, a shell comes up, and then push it forward, the shell comes in another chamber and ejects, so i thinks its bolt action

    1. Was referring to anyone else who might want to build this and 2. Wait, does it actually fire anything?

    1: ok, but you could knex shells. 2: no, it doesn't, but it gots the same kind of mag as in bolt action

    Haha, the fact that you're using real shells is great.

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    Well other than the handle and stock being a little messy, this gun is cool. And i like the fact that it ejects real shells =D Whats the caliber of the shells .22 LR?

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    just found the cal. on wikipedia: it's 8x57 mm, or in america known as 8mm Mauser