hello this is my knex bren gun mk2 
it is a model and can't shoot

Best Bren yet on this site
yes thats a fact
Yes. I remind that ~KGB~ also had one, but I can't find that topic. It also had a
M1 Garand and other stuff
Beetje laat maar je bedoelde dezes topic
Yep, bedankt =D
Geen probleem.
the m1 garand, Bren and those guns are guns cod world at war.
Yes, I've played that game on the Wii. Pretty good game, but terrible lag in multiplayer, so I sold it. Do you maybe have MW1 or black ops on wii?
D`oh i have world at war. but i dont have mw1 or black ops i just have mw3
Blue Mullet2 years ago
Awesome build. Playing around with it must be fun.
very nice
Hmm, not to bad.