Knex buggy with independent (4) suspension and front wheel steering.
Try to build the same parts you see in the pics.

Step 1: Parts List

<p>Dude this thing is freakin' awesome!....5 stars for sure! Nice job.</p>
in the steering &quot;rod&quot; do you have to cut the peices????????!!!!!!!!! also its awesome 5* for sure<br>
never mind i cut em anyway;)
i tryed not to but it dont fit if you dont so i used some old broken ones lol
alright but as i said i ended up cutting the pieces any way but its nice to know that it wasnt just for nothing
can you make the steps more easer to use please thank u <br>
it's good now.<br>i can't even believe i wrote those awful bubble-texts.noob
danymw is totaly rite the steps are super easy it took me only like 1 hour to build but the bubble texts can be helpful at times<br>
This is pretty awesome, nice job there :)
do you need the middle thing in the middle in pic 2
whats behind<br />
&nbsp;i forgot, but i think it was a bad part, not easy to make
don't worry i figured it out<br>
awesome buggy :)
i have remade this buggy and put front and BACK stering now it is even better !!!!!!
I have taken this buggy of base and have made one f1 with suspension and direction, the problem is that I lack wheels and the photos not to be raised.
how do you do the steering system?
&nbsp;see every step. if you build all parts,you will have the steering wheel, it's not that hard to make
nice u should make a trophy truck
i made a buggy about 3 1/2 feet long and it has 4 wheel independent suspension and it is rear wheel drive. its soooooo sweet.
ya i know<br /> <br />
its nice looking and looks strong but i built it and tested against my buggy i built and its not as strong as my buggy.<br /> <br /> <br /> but i still like the design and layout<br />
&nbsp;to be honest,i ripped half of the number of parts just to put it on instructable so people can build it without needing a lot of parts.<br /> can you send a picture of both please?i really would like to see them ;)
this is my buggy i can build it alot more stronger it doesnt have any suspension but i can make it with suspesion i just dont have any rubber bands right now.<br /> <br /> im making mods for it right now once im done i will post another pic again<br /> <br /> please comment back with what you think of it and any ideas i can do with it<br />
&nbsp;you don't have to use rubberbands, look in the steps on how to build the rear suspension,i wrote something about 'no rubberband suspension', i hope that helps. &nbsp; i don't see any pic..
ok i will send you a pic of it im still making mods to it.<br /> <br /> im going to you use your idea for the suspension that little tri piece that you can put spacers on<br />
Awesome, The pics are a little cruddy but its a great build!<br />
cool, I think this is the best buggy on the site!! 5 <strong><em>STARS</em></strong><br />
cool! <br /> <br /> <br /> 5*<br /> <br /> (ive seen somthing like this in a knex set tho....)
&nbsp;Cool!<br /> <br /> 4*<br />
&nbsp;Cool<br /> <br /> 5*<br />
Cool!<br /> <br /> 4*<br />
Cool!<br /> <br /> 4*

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