Knex buggy independent suspension and steering

Picture of knex buggy independent suspension and steering
Knex buggy with independent (4) suspension and front wheel steering.
Try to build the same parts you see in the pics.
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Step 1: Parts list

Picture of parts list

Step 2: Main chassis

Picture of main chassis
build this. there are 2 big parts, and 2 small parts.

Step 3: Steering system (SS)

Picture of steering system (SS)
build all these.

Step 4: Supports of SS

Picture of supports of SS
assemble the parts you have and it must look like this

Step 5: Top cover

Picture of top cover
put the second big part on the others and connect them.

Step 6: Some things

Picture of some things
 add the blue and purple connectors in front of the car as you see here

Step 7: Front steering

build exactly TWO (2) of these, symmetrical. it is step by step and if followed, it should get right

Step 8: Front suspension

try to get it similar

Step 9: Big n tricky,rear of the car

 there are two that means you must have to parts exactly the same but symmetrical. 

Step 10: Rear suspension

 with or without rubber bands!!

Step 11: Spoiler,wing thing

Picture of spoiler,wing thing

Step 12: Last things

 front wheels,remove from each side a white rod and put a blue rod
knexguy23710 months ago

Dude this thing is freakin' awesome!....5 stars for sure! Nice job.

in the steering "rod" do you have to cut the peices????????!!!!!!!!! also its awesome 5* for sure
never mind i cut em anyway;)
i tryed not to but it dont fit if you dont so i used some old broken ones lol
alright but as i said i ended up cutting the pieces any way but its nice to know that it wasnt just for nothing
can you make the steps more easer to use please thank u
it's good now.
i can't even believe i wrote those awful bubble-texts.noob
danymw is totaly rite the steps are super easy it took me only like 1 hour to build but the bubble texts can be helpful at times
Lowney3 years ago
This is pretty awesome, nice job there :)
kylebusch183 years ago
do you need the middle thing in the middle in pic 2
danymw (author)  kylebusch183 years ago
james45 years ago
whats behind
danymw (author)  james45 years ago
 i forgot, but i think it was a bad part, not easy to make
james4 danymw4 years ago
don't worry i figured it out
mulletman64 years ago
awesome buggy :)
millju4 years ago
i have remade this buggy and put front and BACK stering now it is even better !!!!!!
mosky4 years ago
I have taken this buggy of base and have made one f1 with suspension and direction, the problem is that I lack wheels and the photos not to be raised.
Seleziona5 years ago
perloo5 years ago
how do you do the steering system?
danymw (author)  perloo5 years ago
 see every step. if you build all parts,you will have the steering wheel, it's not that hard to make
lukas rider5 years ago
nice u should make a trophy truck
Acepilot425 years ago
i made a buggy about 3 1/2 feet long and it has 4 wheel independent suspension and it is rear wheel drive. its soooooo sweet.
stefan3d25 years ago
ya i know

stefan3d25 years ago
its nice looking and looks strong but i built it and tested against my buggy i built and its not as strong as my buggy.

but i still like the design and layout
danymw (author)  stefan3d25 years ago
 to be honest,i ripped half of the number of parts just to put it on instructable so people can build it without needing a lot of parts.
can you send a picture of both please?i really would like to see them ;)
this is my buggy i can build it alot more stronger it doesnt have any suspension but i can make it with suspesion i just dont have any rubber bands right now.

im making mods for it right now once im done i will post another pic again

please comment back with what you think of it and any ideas i can do with it
danymw (author)  stefan3d25 years ago
 you don't have to use rubberbands, look in the steps on how to build the rear suspension,i wrote something about 'no rubberband suspension', i hope that helps.   i don't see any pic..
stefan3d25 years ago
ok i will send you a pic of it im still making mods to it.

im going to you use your idea for the suspension that little tri piece that you can put spacers on
Vynash5 years ago
Awesome, The pics are a little cruddy but its a great build!
Mr. Muggle5 years ago
cool, I think this is the best buggy on the site!! 5 STARS
~KGB~5 years ago


(ive seen somthing like this in a knex set tho....)
brammeke115 years ago

KnexFreek5 years ago

Seleziona5 years ago

chopstx5 years ago