Knex Buggy Independent Suspension and Steering

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Introduction: Knex Buggy Independent Suspension and Steering

knex buggy with independent suspension and Ackermann steering. i can adjust it to have negative camber too.
*based on CRAZYCREATOR187 (ningana000 before) 's  buggy - - .so because of him i had the spark to rebuild suspension+steering, i really liked those suspensions,hehe.
anyway,the instructable should be here soon if i manage to rebuild it and improve it, wohoo



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    how wide is the front end of it? meaning the front wheels including the suspension

    slightly narrower than the back end, but i can't tell much because i don't have it anymore.
    aproximately 3 yellow rods put head to head

    that we me on a friends account thanks i might make it do you think i could hook a motor to the steering and make it a rc knex car i have a drive system but i need a suspension and steering for the front and the back doesn't have suspension but i didn't want it to

    i already build a full suspension rc car, but it breaks very fast and goes very slow.
    it broke and i removed the suspension, it could go very fast for a knex car.
    i have a compact one now but it doesn't go well enough

    i am talking an rc car out of only knex parts and my car does so it is a rock crawler so it has a lot of torque. but would the suspension hold up to crawling not jump

    if you can build it right
    a knex rock crawler should be easier than what i tried ( put suspension and rear wheel drive on my buggy)

    see i put a sold axle on the back but i want the front to give when i run something over so the back gets traction at all times. and do you have video or anything on your knex rc car.

    i don't have any, but it wouldn't help anyway.
    you either neet 2 motors, one on each axle, or make a gear box on the middle of the chassis and connect both.
    you got pics of yours? i could help better

    This is the steering set up i have now but i want to put your suspension and steering on it.


    you can but it will be kinda big. try to make it less wider, it should work because i build it to be very strong, it was actually the model that i would have made rc after.