this is my buggy, it has full independent suspension. it is my first instructable so the instructions may be hard to follow. please leave comments.

Step 1: Make the Front Suspension

1. make two of these.
2. make four of these.
3. make two of these.
4.make one of these.
5. make two of these.
6. make one of these.
7. attach (1) to (2).
8. attach (7) to (6)
9. attach (5) to(8)
10. attach (4) to (9)
11. attach (3) to (10)
12. add the wheels.

Step 2: Make the Rear Suspension

1. make two of these
2. make four of these
3. make two of these
4. attach (1) to (2)
5. make this
6. attach (4) to (5)
7. attach (3) to (6)
8. make this.
9. attach (8) to (7)
10. add wheels.

Step 3: Make the Chassis

1. make these
2. make this
3. join them together.
4. attach the chassis to the front suspension
5. attach the chassis to the rear suspension

Step 4: Make the Body

1. make 13 of these
2. make this
3. make this
4. make this
5. attach (1,2,3,4) together
6. attaching (5) to chassis
7. attaching (5) to chassis
8. attaching (5) to chassis

Step 5: Extras

1. make the spoiler
2. attach spoiler to buggy
3. make the bumper
4. attach bumper to buggy
thats all, thanks for making it.
hey man could u send me instructions thanks..
i cant get the front suspension to stay up
I think u could make it an rc buggy if you tried or if youuse elastic bands you could make it 4 wheel drive but I think its good enough now
i would like to call this the best suspension there is
if i knew how to post pictures i would show you my suspension designs. you might have second thoughts on ninganas buggy.
Yeah well i typed that before trying it out and well it is't that great but still.<br /> For a week now i am trying to build a monstertruck whit suspension and stearing. I am using about the same design. I am doing it so that&nbsp; that you are able&nbsp; to hook it up to cyber knex engine's and make it rc. But because i haven't got cyber knex engine. I am stuck whit 2 engine's from a crane. That are hooked up to 1 remote i you know what i mean. <br /> <br />
do you know of a band called <strong>the offspring</strong>?
&nbsp;no and why is it relevant&nbsp;
cus they're frikin&nbsp;awesome!
&nbsp;i listend to a couple of songs on youtube not bad but not really my&nbsp;taste&nbsp;
yer they are not really my type of music either they are good for easy listening, i usually listen to hardcore and deathcore stuff i don't like slipknot as much anymore either
talking about easy listening i like pop, rock, metal, and some other stuff.&nbsp;
&nbsp;whats that got to do with anything.
jeez al i asked was if you knew of them<br />
thanks,best car.<br />
i made a nice buggy it had 4 guns on it. it also has 4 wheel independent suspension. i had an old 4 wheel independent suspension buggy with 4 wheel steering
THE PERFECT KNEX CAR 5 stars good work
must build,but i will make it steerable,muhaha *s after i build it
post the instructions
i'm not far away... almost (easy x) ) finished suspension,next i should attach it to the rest of the car and put the steering wheel in place
when are you going to post the instructions?
posted <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/knex-buggy-independent-suspension-and-steering/">https://www.instructables.com/id/knex-buggy-independent-suspension-and-steering/</a><br/>
is there instructions for that steering
Great buggy. Reminds me of a nitro rc.
that's what i first thought of
Looks good 4.5*
Some of this was stolen from a book.
i invented the whole lot all by my self. which part did you think i copied?
I see stuff from the "Crumple Car", in a late '90s-early '00s book. I think.
glad you like it
Smokin'! Great work!
quite a cool looking buggy reminds me of early tamiya style rc cars i think a v2 would be great with much more reinforcements and just generally more bulk

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