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hi guys this is the instructions for my knex bulldozer hope you like it and please comment.also some credit to imperer for the steering he made for front wheels.i changed it quite abit to make it  rear wheel steering and also added a mechanism to it but his steering did help me a little so thanks to him.

This instructable is is about 63cm long which is just over 2ft .the widest point is about 28 cm which is just under 1ft. the highest point is about 25cm high which is not that far under 1ft either.
this is just to give you an idea of how big is is before you decide to make it or not.

one of the best feautures on it is that i made a handbrake system going from the back to the front on a hindge which is pretty cool.also the back opens up and obviously the scoop goes up and down and pivots also.  

Step 1: Back Part,steering and Handbrake

Picture of Back Part,steering and Handbrake

Step 2: Front Part,handbrake and Scoop

Picture of Front Part,handbrake and Scoop


Doc Penguin (author)2013-08-12

nice, big, but too many peices


JonnyBGood (author)2013-02-24

Nice! Is the scoop part able to move?

millju (author)JonnyBGood2013-02-24

the scoop part moves up and down and also pivots :)

JonnyBGood (author)millju2013-02-24


Why dont you build it!

I'm a little short on pieces right now, maybe later though.


knex dude 2000 (author)2013-03-08

Im sorry but i cant build it because of my competition. The pick-up-truck im building for it uses about 1000 pieces and i have 2 cars up allready . I am not prepared to dismantle them yet because i need more edditions of both.By the way, i am still going to build it and Sure I will send pics of it butt i am going to a car boot sale on sunday and maybe if i get some knex there , Ill start your bulldozer. In addition, If i build it , can I post it as an instructable on my profile but I will mention you if that is ok. A short question, " how many models do you have built now (fully built) and are you planning on any new ones for the future.

Happy building , KD2

millju (author)knex dude 20002013-03-10

its no problem mate make it when you can and as long as you put my name all over the instructable go ahead plus with the link the these instructions and i have no models fully built im currently making a coach with my own steering mechinism.It will have doors that will open like coaches do ect. and its going to be pretty big aswell:)make sure you put a link to these instructions in the intro and that plus make sure my name is all over it then if you do that go ahead :)

knex dude 2000 (author)millju2013-03-10

Sure . Ill mention you and good luck on your coach. I know steering can be difficult but determination will get you there. I need a lot of it because im making my own knex ball machine in the form of a roller coaster. Does'nt really work. Well anyway , good luck.

millju (author)knex dude 20002013-03-10

put my name in the title of the instructable aswell for example millju's knex bulldozer

knex dude 2000 (author)millju2013-03-14

Liked it on Facebook!

millju (author)knex dude 20002013-03-11

cool mate

thommy100 (author)2013-03-03

how many pieces please

knex dude 2000 (author)thommy1002013-03-14

over 900

millju (author)thommy1002013-03-03

i was going to count but there are quite alot look at the dimensions in the intro

dr. richtofen (author)2013-02-21

Amazing! Looks really cool, and the mechanisms you described sound great!

Check my version out!

Check my version out!

millju (author)dr. richtofen2013-02-22

thanks appreciate it :)

dr. richtofen (author)millju2013-02-22

No problem =D

sandroknexmaster (author)2013-02-21

That's incredible! Best bulldozer I've ever seen!

millju (author)sandroknexmaster2013-02-21

cheers pal

knex dude 2000 (author)millju2013-03-14

Do you like the able I made on my profile is it OK?

knex dude 2000 (author)2013-03-13

I just finished with dinner included!!! It took about 4 hours building time dinner and parts finding excluded. Well worth it and posting it im a hour.

knex dude 2000 (author)2013-03-13

Dude im building it now. First part was very challenging but i managed to build it in the end. Working on the second part now , but hows your coach going? hopefully better than me on this one. LOL. Please can you make the coach instructions in smaller parts not MASSIVE chunks. just an idea but make them however you want. Ill be posting my bulldozer soon if it goes well. Get back to you soon , KD2000

knex dude 2000 (author)2013-02-23

So glad you sent me the web adress. Totally epic. 5* I WILL START BUILDING IT SOON. The gearing throughout the car is made to perfection.

millju (author)knex dude 20002013-02-24

thanks so much dude post a picture in the coment after you build it ! thanks !

knex dude 2000 (author)millju2013-02-24

Will do . do you have a 3ds or 3ds xl ?

millju (author)knex dude 20002013-02-26

im a playstatoin fan PSVITA ftw !

knex dude 2000 (author)millju2013-02-26

year i like the ps2 but may get a ps3 in the future . :)

millju (author)knex dude 20002013-02-26

yeah you should ps4 this year or next year :)

knex dude 2000 (author)millju2013-02-26

cool how much

millju (author)knex dude 20002013-02-26

yeah the controller for it has a touch pad on it :)

knex dude 2000 (author)millju2013-02-27

I will try to save up for one. i have got about a 100 in my piggybank lol .

do you know how much they are?

millju (author)knex dude 20002013-02-27

a ps4 or a ps3 ?

knex dude 2000 (author)millju2013-02-27


millju (author)knex dude 20002013-02-28

im guessing around 400 when it first comes out

knex dude 2000 (author)millju2013-02-28

WOW . well it sound so good il have to buy

millju (author)knex dude 20002013-03-02

yeah i might come out this year you can do so many cool things on it !

knex dude 2000 (author)millju2013-03-03

Well I'll be saving up for it and not buying any knex .

millju (author)millju2013-02-26

and probably quite alot

Senior Waffleman (author)2013-02-24

Good job! I liked it. Im not good with Vehicles, but you sure did a great job!


millju (author)Senior Waffleman2013-02-26

thanks dude !!

daredevil499 (author)2013-02-21

dude thats awesome!

millju (author)daredevil4992013-02-21

thanks dude

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