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Introduction: Knex Bumblebee Transformer Instructions

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Here are the instructions!

Step 1: The Torso and Arms....... Plus Attaching It....

Sorry for the bare minimum of pictures...... they email very slow.......

Step 2: Legs Plus Attach to Torso (front and Back View)

This has more pics :)

Step 3: The Head

I only showed the back because you can look in the intro it is very easy

Step 4: Attach the Tires........

plain and simple.

Step 5:



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    Thank you so much! I am following you on now.

    looks good but to actually build it you probably need tons more pics. I'm gettin more k'nex in about 3 days so hopefully I'll b able to build it :) anyway I have to go now, bye!

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    Thanks but I am emailing pics right now as we speak. But Bye!

    bye :) Btw don't email, connect to your laptop with a micro USB cable and it takes seconds. trust me. every smartphone comes with one. It takes SECONDS to upload like 50 pics

    lol :) I'm getting more k'nex tomorrow or the day after! not much but enough to carry on with my ball machine

    Someone tell me if I need to add pics! I already am adding some more!