Knex Can Dispencer





Introduction: Knex Can Dispencer

this is a knex can dispenser that I've build about 1 month ago.
it works very good.
don't ask me to post, i don't have it anymore. :(
here is the video.

i am working on a other dispencer with the same system. :)

here are more pictures:



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    Now that is REALLY cool. A fun and creative way of showing another amazing thing you can build with knex. I think this is worth a full five stars, and I don't give those often!

    The only thing that would make this better is if this was coin operated. Insert a coin to unlock the lever.

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     That ldnt make it better i don't wanna pay for my cola

    You would be able to retrieve the money at the end of the day.

     im not wanna wait for my own money

    If you put your money in, you can access it at any time by opening up the device and taking out your cash. No need to wait.

    You could use the extra change if a friend comes over.

    ...........Good idea

    Why don't you try and make a low piece coin can dispenser??

    I have better things to do. I just thought of an idea for a repeating crossbow.

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    here is a video of my coin system.
    the orange connectores hold the can till you insert a coin,
    than the next can will fall on the oranges again.
    with rubberband the system wil be ready for the next one.

    I am working on a smaller version with less pieces and i already designed a coin system for it

    i know you said not to ask but YOU NEED TO POST