This is another car that we made a long time ago. I hope you enjoy the video. Sorry I couldn't get photos they were deleted a long time ago. This car was made about a year ago but we never made an instructable about it, that's why it's so old! Remember: comment rate (if possible), subscribe, vote up in the contest! Below is another car that we made more recently click  here
<p>No problem</p>
<p>:/ I am running out of ideas for emogy!!!! :&gt;</p>
<p>there's a whole 'ible dedicated to emoji's</p>
<p>Seriously? I will check it out right now.</p>
<p>_&hellip;_ </p><p>( &rdquo; \&gt; </p><p> \ \&gt; </p><p> \ \&gt; </p><p> \ \&gt;___ </p><p> / \</p><p> | &hellip;. |&gt;</p><p> \ / \ /</p><p> || ||</p><p>C./ C./</p>
<p>you ready to cream sandroknexmaster's???</p>
<p>smilie tree?</p>

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