hope you like it instructions coming soon

<p>Pretty SWEET.</p>
<p>Wow thanks dude. You are the first one to comment in quite a while I am now following you. Again thanks!</p>
<p>Lol thank YOU! XD I am kinda lonely on Instructables because I haven't been very active. &gt;.O I am kinda waiting until I get a Youtube before making any more Ibles, cuz I want to do some Tinkercad tutorials. </p>
<p>Your welcome. But what is Tinkercad?</p>
<p>Tinkercad is an online CAD designing tool that I use all the time. Here's my profile on there! </p><p><a href="https://www.tinkercad.com/users/dXGByh9ECcO-silly" rel="nofollow">https://www.tinkercad.com/users/dXGByh9ECcO-silly </a> </p><p>I am best at making Transformer character models lol. XD</p>
<p>Wow that is cool!</p>
<p>Lol thanks! If you enjoy building things, Tinkercad is a pretty fun online FREE tool to check out! ;)</p>
<p>Do you draw?</p>
<p>Yeah I do how about you?</p>
<p>Yeah lol I have a whole Deviantart page. XD I mostly do digital art. </p><p><a href="http://craft-maker-infinity.deviantart.com/" rel="nofollow">http://craft-maker-infinity.deviantart.com/</a></p><p>If you go there and click on my gallery, you'll see all my latest art. XD</p><p>Oh btw </p><p>POST THIS IMAGE ANYWHERE YOU CAN ON THE INTERNET BEFORE HALLOWEEN!!! <a href="http://craft-maker-infinity.deviantart.com/art/CANDY-PSA-checkyourcandy-569065511" rel="nofollow">http://craft-maker-infinity.deviantart.com/art/CANDY-PSA-checkyourcandy-569065511</a> I made a little PSA and I hope people stay safe.</p>
<p>Ok I will, is this the one?</p>
<p>Lol I didn't mean for you to change your profile pic to it... XD I just want you to post it everywhere you can. X3</p>
<p>Ok, I will do it right away, Happy Halloween!</p>
<p>Btw I updated this pic! </p><p><a href="http://craft-maker-infinity.deviantart.com/art/CANDY-PSA-checkyourcandy-569065511" rel="nofollow">http://craft-maker-infinity.deviantart.com/art/CAN...</a></p><p>I think it's better now. Apparently I've been lied to about kids dying every year from this, but still kids need to be cautious when getting things from strangers.</p>
<p>Yep you are totally right</p>
<p>Yeah it's only safe.</p>
<p>Yeah better safe than sorry.</p>
<p>Yep. Btw can you change your profile pic? XD It's kinda irelevent.</p>
<p>Yes, no problem I will change it to NYAN CAT! Wait for it it will be changed to that!</p>
<p>Lol good job! XD</p>
<p>I like Nyan Cat.</p>
<p>Heh I love nyan cat.</p>
<p>Lol yeh.</p>
<p>If it is, I will change it to my profile picture.</p>
<p>Lol IDEKAM.</p>
<p>Lol IDEKAM stands for &quot;I don't even know any-more.&quot; XD</p>
<p>Omg I feel stupid lol XD</p>
<p>Lol it's okay I didn't know that at your age either. XD</p>
<p>Haha, lol</p>
<p>He he.</p>
<p>TE HE</p>
<p>Lol nice pic!</p>
<p>It is my picture now, great job on it!</p>
<p>Lol thnx. XD</p>
<p>No problem!</p>
<p>This car is sick. Great job! Keep up the good work!</p>
<p>Thanks I hope to see you make one in the future. But don't you have any k'nex guns you made?</p>
<p>nice 5*</p>

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