knex led sled, trophy truck, jeep rock crawler
<p>plz post instructions for them all.</p><p>thx</p>
No kidding, that look kind of grosses me out, cars aren't supposed to look like that!
Why concept cars are like that!
Please post a picture of the concept car you are talking about, I have never seen a car with more than 3-4 degrees of camber to the wheels. This car has at least 25 degrees of camber and at that there is almost no way the car could even move.
cool plz post more pics of the off road suv thing in pic #6!
i dont have anymore pic , but i did a nother crawler you should look at that
instructions for the dune buggy??? thanks <br>
I like the crawler =D
whered you get the tires for the jeep
i like the crawler
like the crawler<br>
i like the crawler!
Nice, but the first two look a little skeletal, with some extra work they'd look awesome!
good job 5*
its ok

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