Introduction: K'nex Chain Lift Instructions Good for the First Time Ball Machine Builder!

this is like the bottom of the chain lift on our ball machine "automated".

Step 1: Pieces You'll Need


3 dark grey
2 blue
2 tan
1 white
1 orange

1 grey

1 motor
2 red gears
2 or 3 blue spacers
7 grey spacers

Step 2: 2. Putting It Together

look at the boxes and pics.....

Step 3: 3. Connecting the Gears and Motor Onto the Structure.

here is a link to the video about the chain lift.

you also need to add chain and put some gears on the top which is the same except no motor is needed!

enjoy good luck on your ball machine :-D

Step 4: The Video That Had This Type of Lift Bottom

Here is a little bit about our ball machine. It took 3 months to build,and it survived a 4.5 earthquake. I also think that it had 10,000 pieces.


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