hi this is my knex check point to keep all the bits of lego in lego land and out of knex land. if i get enough good coments i will post so enjoy.
to keep all the bits of lego in lego land <br /> <br /> ?????<br />
its a joke<br />
then what are these for?<br />
what are what for<br />
the pictures, what are they?<br />
the stuff in thepictures are actully used to stop knex vehicles . the lego bit was puerly a jooke. though it probibly could stop lego cars<br />
wai,wai,wai wait are you ... just making .... all of of these thngs for like a knex uh vehicle race or something??<br /> <br /> <br />
yes sort of it couu=ld be used for stop motion films knex wars on a small scale and other stuff as well<br />
How exactly does it stop them?
the rods get jamed into the tracks of tanks and stop them like that and it just usually gets jamed into the machinere of knex vehicles it might not work with all of them but it should<br />
I like the idea but most people can probably build from the pictures, so no need to post.
thanks<br />
nice!<br />

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