i own a 63 c10 for real and thought i would do one. and the truck at the begining is my 63.
Cool but needs improvements like below and still more.
why dont you make it 1;12 scale and put a bigger engine and suspension then i will want instructions on how to build it bwcause it looks great <br>
thanks, by 1 12 scale you bigger or smaller.
i love it! i love how it sits close to the ground, its awesome!
trust me , it is on the ground
cool, does it scrape the ground?
all the way around, back rests on the ground all the time and the front is half a centimenter off the ground or a blue spacer
wow that is epic! i love it!
nice truck (the real one and the knex one) but the fuzzy pics take away from it

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Bio: i am a bmx fan .love knex
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