Chevy Knex Show Car - Instructable





Introduction: Chevy Knex Show Car - Instructable

This is the instructable of the car. This took me quite a while.

Step 1: The Doors and Sides

this is an easy step

Step 2: The Doors and Roof

also an easy step

Step 3: Engine

the v8

Step 4: The Chassis

this step is alittle more tricky

when you finish this step you will need to connect the two chassis pieces, the last photo shows the connection.

Step 5: The Hood/bonnet, Front End, Speakers, Pedals and Split Boot/trunk

this step is pretty easy
1 the trunk/boot
2 the hood/bonnet
3 the front end
4 the pedals
5 the speakers

Step 6: Assembly

putting the parts you have built together.

1 put the sides on
2 attach the boot
3 put seats in
4 attach the roof
5 attach the front end and make little pins to hold it to the side panels
6 attach bonnet

Step 7: Rubber Bands

a very simple step
pic 1 pull this one down
pic 2 attach it here
pic 3 add this one and attach it like so

Step 8: Axles and Side Pegs

add axles and side pegs .

on picture 9/10 you will need to remove the part shown on pic 10. I made a mistake when showing how to make the chassis, I put one too many of the red pieces with the white rods in the middle

Step 9: FINISHED YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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my version i made lighter and i put an electric motor in and i made it into a mid engine rally car so thanks for the instructions though

i made it so you can attatch a motor

nice car just made it