Knex Claw Machine [first on Site] That Has Instructans





Introduction: Knex Claw Machine [first on Site] That Has Instructans

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hello i was reading questions and found one about claw machines so here we go there will be no video

Step 1: Sorry No Parts List


Step 2: Bace

Step 3: Adding a Level

just the #2 level

Step 4: Level 3

just 1 more to go

Step 5: Top Level

last lever before we build the arms

Step 6: Floor and Drop Slide and Knex Man

use card board to fit

Step 7: Track for Mail Arm

eazy follow pics

Step 8: Sliding Arms


Step 9: Makeing the Claw


Step 10: End

yay you finished that was eazy here are where i baced my claw machine off of     
YouTube - K'Nex Crane Game

YouTube - K'nex Claw Game



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    cool tell me when it is done so can check it out

    could you check out my K'nex Claw by Knex4Life23

    This isn't the first with instructions, my friend posted mine in 2008, but it has since been deleted.

    That being said, yours looks nice, mine didn't have rails.

    2 replies

    No, I mean, It's very good. It has so much more than mine, you deserve a lot of credit! Keep the "first on site" title, since there's no other like it, but clarify that it's the rail system, not the grabber itself, is all.

    i feel kinda stupid asking this, but how does it work?? i mean, i saw another few claw machines that were obvious... yours isn't. does it even work?

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    mine works on manpwoer you have to move it manualy i havd no teatherd moaters so i couldny make it move with a motor

    Cool, but definately not first on site, i would recomend getting that off of there because it is not true.

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