has 2speed and nutral

Step 1: Parts

part list
6 yellow rod
34 purple
20green small rod
19grey spacers
10blue spacers
2grey long rod
2 medium gears
4 small gears
6 white round
16 white rod
4 yellow
8 red
2 blue

Step 2: Sides

make 2 of these

Step 3: Gear Input

Step 4: Gear 2

Step 5: Gear Output

Step 6: Parts

Step 7: Put Together

<p>That clutch is clutch.</p>
<p>Good job!</p>
Nice idea and very good build! Please try not to blur your images though. :)
<p>Yeah, nice ible, nice mechanism!</p><p>But please try in the future to make your pics *a bit* less blurry ;)</p>
Well I've seen a couple good ibles with transmissions, but they never had any full instructibles. This is something that I'm definitely interested in good job!

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