it's my first coaster ever!
how manyy chane links dose it use
if you build it don't use more than one car or it wil get stuck at the end of the lift
30-40 big chain
It's a bit shourt...
it's the first coaster he ever made he has 1 week of experiense
Evereyone starts small. He couldget a big ro─║lercoaster builder! (Even thought I like ball machines more) :)
i don't think so we can't buy more coasters and screamin serpent is the only we got<br>maybe micro coasters i think he can make good ones
haha nice!
he's my young brother he just start playin with knex:D
kool, what age are u?
i'm 11 thaddie(my young brother) 8
how old are you?
14... y?

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Bio: hello i'm k-n-e-x young brother my english is bad and i'm 8 years old
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