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it's my first coaster ever!


knexinventer (author)2010-10-30

how manyy chane links dose it use

if you build it don't use more than one car or it wil get stuck at the end of the lift

30-40 big chain

Sorunome (author)2010-10-27

It's a bit shourt...

it's the first coaster he ever made he has 1 week of experiense

Evereyone starts small. He couldget a big ro─║lercoaster builder! (Even thought I like ball machines more) :)

i don't think so we can't buy more coasters and screamin serpent is the only we got
maybe micro coasters i think he can make good ones

~KGB~ (author)2010-10-27

haha nice!

he's my young brother he just start playin with knex:D

kool, what age are u?

i'm 11 thaddie(my young brother) 8


how old are you?

14... y?

knexinventer (author)2010-10-27


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Bio: hello i'm k-n-e-x young brother my english is bad and i'm 8 years old
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