Introduction: Knex Coin Pusher

Picture of Knex Coin Pusher

my knex coin pusher

Step 1: Legs

Picture of Legs

follow all the steps 

Step 2: Frame

Picture of Frame

follow the pics
same as last boxes exept the gaps ant the vompleeted boxes and it has one layers

Step 3: Table

Picture of Table

build from pics

Step 4: Meck and Top Slide

Picture of Meck and Top Slide

easy meck i made you can make your own

Step 5: Coin Drop

Picture of Coin Drop

follow picks

Step 6: Coin Slot

Picture of Coin Slot

follow pics

Step 7: Put It All Together

Picture of Put It All Together

follow pics

Step 8: Done Enjoy

Picture of Done Enjoy

this step adds swag and shows important and things


~KGB~ (author)2011-06-12

thats epic man! =D

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