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Introduction: Knex Combat/tactical Knife

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this is a combat, or tactical knife (whichever you prefer) that i made a while back i am working on some thing and needed the pieces so i thought that i should post it. i will not however be posting full instructions only these pics. this knife is incredibly comfy and is really sturdy, i threw it as a throwing knife and only broke off the brown 2-way connector on the tip. it should not be to hard to make, please comment if you need any help.  i really recommend you just attempt to build this thing. 


Step 1:

this is the only step  follow pics closely

Step 2: Who Else Made It

The first picture is of War pig and his knife and the second is him holding it in a combat stance. If you end up building this please post your pictures (if you have a camera) and I will try to upload them to the instructable ASAP, happy building!



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    Best looking knife I've seen on Instructables!

    I made it and it's sweet

    15, 2:04 PM.jpg15, 2:04 PM.jpg

    Awesome, if you don't mind could you put up a picture of it (if you have a camera of some sort) in a comment. I will add it to the instructable if you do.

    This is it.......and yes I play guitar


    I made a few changes but they where minor changes

    Only under a lot of pressure, but since you built it you probably figured that out already.

    thanks a lot for the positive feedback, just wondering, are you planning on building it? If you are please post the pictures, I'll add them in.

    I wanted to build this...till I saw some of the greens in teh handle were bent. >_<

    2 replies

    yes they are bent but not permanently or severely, that was just a bad angle that made it look way bent, trust me they pop right back to shape once you pull them off. no harm done, and no messed up pieces, it's all good.

    if you end up making it (don't feel obligated to, I know how it is just never getting around to something) please post pics, I'll add them to the in the instructable.

    If I can follow the pictures well enough, I'll see about it.