Knex Combat/tactical Knife





Introduction: Knex Combat/tactical Knife

this is a combat, or tactical knife (whichever you prefer) that i made a while back i am working on some thing and needed the pieces so i thought that i should post it. i will not however be posting full instructions only these pics. this knife is incredibly comfy and is really sturdy, i threw it as a throwing knife and only broke off the brown 2-way connector on the tip. it should not be to hard to make, please comment if you need any help.  i really recommend you just attempt to build this thing. 


Step 1:

this is the only step  follow pics closely

Step 2: Who Else Made It

The first picture is of War pig and his knife and the second is him holding it in a combat stance. If you end up building this please post your pictures (if you have a camera) and I will try to upload them to the instructable ASAP, happy building!



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    Best looking knife I've seen on Instructables!

    I made it and it's sweet

    15, 2:04 PM.jpg15, 2:04 PM.jpg

    I built it and its is sick =D

    Awesome, if you don't mind could you put up a picture of it (if you have a camera of some sort) in a comment. I will add it to the instructable if you do.

    This is it.......and yes I play guitar


    I made a few changes but they where minor changes

    Is it flimsy

    Only under a lot of pressure, but since you built it you probably figured that out already.