Knex Crane Capeble of Lifting 3kg





Introduction: Knex Crane Capeble of Lifting 3kg

It doesn't have the looks but gets the job done. I used a pulley system and a lot of gear wheels. (I didn't use to much gear wheels otherwise it would go very slow.) On a simple electric engine. Sorry but i am not going to post this, trust me making a crane like this is much more fun by your own. It took me to make it about 8 hours to get it up to 3kg.

I also made some other instructables.



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Check out my knex crane on instructables here:

i can make it lift 3 kg

can u please make easy instructions for it pleasssssseeeeee

would you please send me insteructions on how to make this please, because i looks cool!

you know what, this looks like the crane they used in chile to rescue 33 trapped miners


Wow Never knew knex could do that! I knew Legos could do that but not Knex!!

 I can certainty understand that. Ow and if would poot 3,5kg on it. The rod connected to the engine bends. And if you wait to long ill just snap.