Picture of knex crane
knex crane this is my first instructable
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Step 1: What you need

Picture of What you need
Green 16
White 32
Blue 118
Yellow 72
red 36


Purple 157
blue 44
Yellow 6
white 11
dark grey 10
tan lock 7
black Y connector 2

Gears and spacers
red/yellow/silver gears 2
blue/ gold gears
blue spacers 11
silver spacers 8

Wheels (without tyres)
small 1
large 3
1 rubberband

You will be building the crane in parts starting from the bottom
bellow is a picture of the sections

Step 2: The bottom

Picture of The bottom
in this step you will build the base

Step 3: The Tower

Picture of The Tower
In this step you will build the tower

Step 4: The Top

this is where half the magic happens

Step 5: The Arm

The arm

Step 6: Assembling The Tower

Picture of Assembling The Tower
Follow the pictures

Step 7: Assembeling The Tower Part 2

Picture of Assembeling The Tower Part 2
Follow the pictures

Step 8: Adding the arm

add a tan connector on the red rod which aligns with the tower then put the arm on and put a tan conector on the central white connector on the arm and add a rubber band on the wheel which the motor is connected to and under the rubberband slide about 2m of string and congratulations you have successfully built my knex crane enjoy
Music man4 years ago
i love it. i even made one at scool with my friend. so i built 2 they were both awsome :^)
numro_xi5 years ago
nice, i've improved it a bit  (in my opinion) , adding a bigger support system, and changing the arm to blue and purple mix instead of purplr purple ankes the arms a lot stronger!
deadie46 years ago
The pictures for the top are hard to read
gunner6 years ago
yay finaly something that aint a gun lol
theperson2 (author) 6 years ago
therandomperson ive never knew that book existed this is comepletly my imagination
You have the masters building book i can tell youve just took all the mechaincal parts out do a slideshow of all the pages how to make the mechanical 1 plz
matstermind6 years ago
use cyber knex and you have an RC crane.
Wow. I quite like this crane. Nice job.
theperson2 (author) 7 years ago
I dont have the special crane motors
knexfan91827 years ago
nice the bace might need to be a little bigger.
Cool, but using the Power Tower Cane controler works best for these kind of knex models.
Storm9507 years ago
Cool! Rather this then a bog standard gun.