this knex crossbow is sow cool.it fires about 15 to 35 feet.BE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE!!!
Great, could use some general smoothing over (easy,) but looks really cool. If you add a magazine, it would be really awesome.
i dont think crossbows are crossbows if they have a mag
Ya they are. I've seen atleast 20 that have mags.
Yeah, you're right, I've changed my mind, in fact, they're better with mags!
Sheesh!! Only an opinion
That is a statement.
Ur statement = me being confused
That is a Pseudo-Equation.
still confused<br>
That is an incomplete sentence.
thx mabey i could but not with the top ral
Maybe I will try if I get time.
did you try it?
Yes, 3+1 round gravity-fed. Very simple, nothing exciting.
nice did you post it?
I had no need, it was simply IAC's scaled-down heavy crossbow mechanism.
=rand (200,99)
post please
i would have to see if i can make it from the pictures because i do not have my memory card lost it when moving.
Looks Great<br>could use a better camera though<br>5*
looks awesome but 35 feet isint that great
post instructions <br>
cant sorry
ya my camera was low on batter
no prob
Not bad. Definitely better than the stuff I made 2 years back. Times sure have changed.
leaving sorry se ya by
I was talking to Blue Mullet on the phone to talk on instructable.
Oh, I thaught you where leaving for a second. <br>:)
I wish he did leave.
Lol, why?
ya i did but now im back
How long for?
45 mins
*I left*
Lol, Ileft for 8 months.
Thats pretty cool 4.5*.

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