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Introduction: Knex Crossbow

About: Hi i am a knexer that builds and post how to build guns and weapons. My specilty is guns and new amos.You can subsribe to what ever you feel is cool to you.Remeber to rate,subsribe and comment.All bad commen...

this knex crossbow is sow fires about 15 to 35 feet.BE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE!!!



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    Great, could use some general smoothing over (easy,) but looks really cool. If you add a magazine, it would be really awesome.

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    i dont think crossbows are crossbows if they have a mag

    Ya they are. I've seen atleast 20 that have mags.

    Yeah, you're right, I've changed my mind, in fact, they're better with mags!

    Sheesh!! Only an opinion

    Ur statement = me being confused

    That is a Pseudo-Equation.

    still confused

    That is an incomplete sentence.

    thx mabey i could but not with the top ral

    Maybe I will try if I get time.

    did you try it?

    Yes, 3+1 round gravity-fed. Very simple, nothing exciting.

    nice did you post it?

    I had no need, it was simply IAC's scaled-down heavy crossbow mechanism.