good shooter with the right elastic bands,
shoots red rods the best but can shoot any.
can shoot up to 60ft!!
looks cool,
good range,
easy to make,
very strong flick trigger.
the Y-clip on the ram rod snaps off like every 20 shots.

Step 1: Making the Barrel

this part is pretty simple
just follow the pics and make.

Step 2: Putting the Barrel Together

use the peices from the last step
and a few extra peices.

Step 3: Ram & Elastics

make and do.

Step 4: Now Your Finished and Ready for Testing

gasp its a pie gun
could be better...
its weak and its with no trigger
Im planning on making a heckler &amp; koch G36 or a m16 carbine<br />
that crossbow looks amazing<br /> you know that 60ft range is nonsene i got it to go nearly 100ft!!!

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