Introduction: Knex Crossbow/ Gun

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this is my first eva instructable on how to make a crossbow/gun

Step 1: Gathering Materials

14 orange
3 yellow
2 white
4 red
13 grey
4 light tan

2 blue
2 red
5 yellow
1 white
3 grey

any amout of yellow rods

1 elastic band or elastic
thick elastic will make it more power full

Step 2: Barrel

Picture of Barrel

this is the main part of the gun/ crossbow, this will b used to fire the ammo thru

the yellow rod in the pic is the handle

Step 3: The Handle

Picture of The Handle

this step is to create the handle

this connects onto the yello rod from the barrel


$$$nico$$$ (author)2007-11-08

im going 2 end this by summarizin it in 2 words ... IT SUCKS!!! no offence.

Wafflicious (author)$$$nico$$$2008-12-06

can you check out my guns and tell me if they sucks? ;)

Annix15 (author)Wafflicious2011-12-08


Annix15 (author)2011-12-08

right now, i am working on a knex crossbow gun, no slash. I will post it today, lets hope i finish it today

bob1914 (author)2009-05-25


El_Shawwadi (author)2008-05-10

So: 1.People go easy on em', its his first insructable, it might not be the best gun ever but admit it it is good for a gun. 2. I made the gun and it has very good performance.Great job knex-magicain!

you are a really nice person to a first time instructable poster

flames10391 (author)2007-10-24

you cant mod something that never was anything at all in other words...this really really ruined my day

i know that you are a jew! mwuuahahahah!

yes i am too, so what?? noob

got a problem with that?

cobra (author)flames103912008-02-11

ya, what's wrong with that?

Xx-szke-xx (author)flames103912007-10-27

thats kinda mean flames, its not his fault that he made a block trigger, its killerks fault, hes the idiot who inspired these people to make block triggers, oh and he wasnt the one to post the FIRST gun the first gun was a gatling gun.

cobra (author)Xx-szke-xx2008-02-03


Stavroz (author)cobra2008-10-23

what is that supposed to mean?

cobra (author)Xx-szke-xx2008-02-03

If you hate Killerk so much why don't you divorce him?

flames10391 (author)Xx-szke-xx2007-10-29

ya but my killerk gun still shoots all the way through a shoebox so i dont think its that bad, and i was talking about block triggers...and i laughed because i dont even think this has a trigger

superdood (author)2008-09-27

have more pics of the ENTIRE thing, 'cause I can't see a thing in the first pic.

pikathebudgie1234 (author)2008-06-04


deedee12 (author)2008-03-22

hi im deedee12 i was knex magicain but now i 4gt my pass so im now deedee12

awsome (author)2008-02-01

Get better pics, they suck!

ry guy (author)2007-12-02


GreekGuy (author)2007-10-29

I think u should all stop yelling at a person you dont even know

knex-magicain (author)2007-10-24

hi this is my crossbow/gun i hope u like it sos i couldant put it on sooner but my internet was bloked but if u want to modd it u can but say the structure was by me <|={D>

Xx-szke-xx (author)knex-magicain2007-10-26

good start but try making something better like try to design a true trigger, its just we have so many of these guns on this site its getting annoying,=\

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