Knex crossbow - tornado instructions

This is my crossbow, tornado.  It uses bending limbs, and quite a good (in my opinion) ratchet system.  Without further ado, on to the pro's and con's:


Easily modded
Doesn't use any cut pieces (although for more penetration, you can use a sharpened rod)


Slightly flimsy
If your hand is too high up the handle when you shoot, the ratchet will sometimes hit your hand.

Now on to the instructions (video coming soon near you!).
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Step 1: Terms and conditions.

1. Once you have build this, you will not shoot it at any living thing.

2.  DO NOT build this is you have an allergy to awesomeness or very sensitive fingers.

3.  Have fun or be eaten!

Step 2: Piece list

Picture of Piece list

Green: 65
White: 42
Blue: 4


Dark grey: 26
Light grey: 3
Red: 12
Green: 26
Yellow: 42
White: 1
Purple 3D: 8


Blue Spacer: 13
Silver Spacer: 4
Black Hand: 2
Extra Long Rubber Band: 1
Small Rubber Band: 1

(Just so you know, this list is as accurate as possible, but i still might have miscounted).

Step 3: The Handle

This is the handle (obviously).  Follow the pictres and read.

Step 6: The track.

This is the barrel. Follow the pictures and read any image notes.

Step 8: Assembly

This is definitely the most fun step.  Here, your new gun begins to take shape.

Step 9: Rubber bands

The gun is useless without these.

Step 11: You're FINISHED!!!!!!

Before you go, I would like to thank you for building my first knex gun, so subscribe for even more awesome things.

To celebrate, have a cookie!
I shot it at my sister, now she's not a living thing
it's unstable, i accedently shot my little sister with it( thanks alot) so now i'm grounded. >:(
shieldsam (author)  samuelwbarker2 years ago
lol... when i built it, it was fine, but maybe ur knex is old or something... enjoy ur groundedness!
zkids913 years ago
where do you get 20 cm rubber bands at
shieldsam (author)  zkids912 years ago
i have no idea i found that one in a box of lego about a year ago :D
what is black hand, blue spacer and silver spacer
blue spacer is a small spacer
silver spacer is about the size of three blue spacers
black hand is like a 'half connecter' with a pin on it
My older,  better version. This is horribly unsupported, and moving arms are useless on something this small that lacks wheels on the arms or separate bands to bring them forward.
~KGB~3 years ago
looks unstable
I've already told you, the design is far too weak to support that many rubber bands. Try replacing the under-barrel grey rods with another row of connectors, like this, my old crossbow: