a non piece hungry crossbow that i would love for someone to: try and make without instructions and mod.
Pro's: solid
          about 35ft range with strong rubber bands
          true trigger
Con's:unreliable trigger
          could have a stock
Sadly im not that someone who can make it without an instructable, POST!!!!!!!!!
I Have Finished The V2 So Will Post Soon With Instructions! :D
cool thanks<br>
have u seen the v2 yet??<br>
sorry but i might of demolished it but i am designing a better one :)
Awesome cant wait!
https://www.instructables.com/id/My-Knex-Crossbow-V2-D/<br>thats it i hope u like
The bow is quite nice, try fix the trigger area tho.....
thanks im working on a V2
i've given up on V2 i am now working on a hidden blade
Th V2 is finished :D<br>
This is good! Try to make the bow a bit stronger; use connectors instead of flexi-rods.
thanks!!! look at my sword do u like it??<br>

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