Knex Custom Coaster Car for Mini Track





Introduction: Knex Custom Coaster Car for Mini Track

 most of the explaining is done in the pictures, but i'll explain it here also. this car was made as proof that the new knex train track can be fitted with a car made of knex itself.



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    quick alternative (if you have seen actual rollercoasters then you will know what I speak of) if you put the tracks side by side in a manner where you can run wheels next to each other, and another on the underside you can use this for a more stable rollercoaster design, though bigger and less piece efficient.

    jolly good!!!
    (whish i had pieces)

    ah, that is a tragedy

    all but the wheels!(srsly i have like no gears/wheels -.-)

    in the pictures of the custom roller coaster car on the track, ias the car upside down, or right side up? If it is upside down, then I bet that i can make it able to carry a ball as a ball lift for a ball machine just like the big roller coaster cars.

    Also, have you found a way for the chain lift to work? I may have an idea.

    i think i found a way to mod this car to work on a chain lift.. it worked on mine but its a weird design all you need is one of those green transition connectors from big ball madness (whatever its caled) and a tiny black rod


    wow, that's pretty good

    but i do find a problem with that design, the car cannot twist, and many regular coasters have pretty tight twists in them

    Very innovative. Are you gonna start building coasters.