Knex Cyber Truck





Introduction: Knex Cyber Truck

first of all the truck design isnt mine its from instructables i added a better gear system, working hood ,tailgate and cyber knex motors so its remote controlled



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    Cool, I actually just got those motors in an eBay lot! Not sure how they work yet, but might use this to find out. (Ben2000, they are from an older set and no longer sold, so unless you get them second-hand like I did, I'm not sure it is possible to buy them. But in case it helps, the set is the 15103 Cyber Knex Hyper Wheels 2.0)
    Also, that video has nothing to do with the truck?

    Wher did you get the cyber motors, like what store or website

    no the camera is reset when i turn it off it is from 2011

    hey its fine dont worry about it i think the truck sucks what do you think

    On 10 i said 7 or 6 for me because i am not a pros in knex. but i am pros for build with some instructions

    so does that mean you want instructions for the truck

    No i dont want instructions. I am pros for building some modèles with instructions

    Now i see. Sorry man.